September 2018: The Carmen Abroad website goes live. It contains detailed performance data for Carmen from 1875 to 1945. I was responsible for the Italian entries.

April 2018: My review of Gary Tomlinson’s A Million Years of Music appears in MAKE Literary Magazine.

March 2018: My article on weighting final exams appears in Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

February 2018: I gave the first lecture in Shenandoah Conservatory’s new Lunch & Learn lecture series: “Whatever Happened to Grand Opera?”

October 2017: My chapter on Verdi in the A-R Online Music Anthology has been posted. At the Capital Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society, I presented a paper on “Appalachian Folk Song as a Symbol of Whiteness in the Jim Crow South” and chaired a session on “Opera and Gender.”

Summer 2017: Edizioni Curci publishes the first edition of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Concerto no. 3 for violin, with my preface in English and Italian.

February 2017: I presented a paper at the Catholic University Musicology Colloquium series on “The Reception of Translated Opera: A Theoretical Introduction and Some Practical Examples.”

January 2017: My new course on Global Popular Musics, the first course in the Howard University Department of Music to focus exclusively on popular music in recent memory, starts this semester!

December 2016: The list of open-access music journals has reached 101 titles.

June 2016: The list of open-access  music journals has been linked by the University of Richmond’s Music Library and the American Musicological Society.

May 2016: Following feedback from readers, I have revised the list of open-access music journals. It now has links to 95 journals on a variety of topics in music.

L’elenco di giornali di accesso aperto contiene 95 voci.

La liste de revues de accès ouvert a 95 entrées.

April 2016: I presented a paper at the Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society in Washington, DC.

February 2016: Check out the new (in-progress) list of open-access music journals in my Links page. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. New content has also been added to the Teaching Resources page.

November 2015: I recently presented a paper at the national meeting of the American Musicological Society in Louisville, KY this November: “Massenet’s Werther and the Emergence of the homme fragile in Italian Opera, 1894–1901.”

September 2015: You can read my review of the first volume of the new critical edition of Giacomo Puccini’s complete works (Manon Lescaut, edited by Roger Parker, published by the Casa Ricordi) in Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association 72, no. 1 (Sept 2015), 226–30.


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